Week ending January 31st 2018 

The snow has finally gone! Yay! Can focus now on all the missed activities I had planned to develop the channel. More Tangerine Dream has arrived, and aside from allowing myself to be distracted by retro mobile phone collection, I am poised like a snake to pounce on progress. A lot of work to do to get my channel into monetized state, a lot of work ahead.

Am finishing ( I hope) another video for the channel today, and then to plan exactly what I am going to do this week, some more crate digging for sure MUST happen! Location filming is up and running anyway, and its quite good the footage from an old Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, more than happy with it aside from the occasional focus hunting in low light. I think I will need to improve my ‘on-set’ lighting, maybe get a cheap directional lamp. As I have said in my videos, some YouTube’s  spend a fortune on cameras and lighting and effects and post-production editing: is it REALLY necessary unless you are making a full-on feature video? The school of thought is out on that one maybe…

January 23rd, the weather is mild again in Sheffield, all the snow more or less melted away. Everything comes to a standstill in England when it snows!!! Seriously, it happens in general for only a few days of each year but still, it’s chaos. Not enough people buy 4×4 cars here, and are content to slide around all over the place in rubbish 2 wheel drive vehicles blocking the road for everyone else! Could ONLY happen in the UK I guess, I am sure in places where snow is commonplace everything keeps running as normal and no one panics like they do here…

Listening to Tangerine Dream ‘Logos’ album, need this on vinyl ASAP. It’s a superb work, but such a shame the original 1982 live concert that this is cut from was not released as a complete double album….some of the best parts of this gig (I WAS THERE!) are excluded from the official release

Latest video update as we recover from the nasty winter snow here in South Yorkshire last week. A few albums featured here that have been running on my turntable over the last 5 days or so, and hope that you SUBSCRIBE to my channel as so much more content up and coming.

VINYLKATS is a channel based on collecting vinyl records, but also with content filmed
in my local hometown area, which will include gigs, pubs, bars, attractions, DJ events, external locations, record store reviews, crate digging, and all sorts. I am dividing up the channel into little playlists, which I think of as mini-channels within the main, each mini-channel with a set identity. So CRATE DIGGING will have its own mini-channel, or playlist, as will Record store reviews/visits, local gigs, and all the different projects I am working on. So if you interested in a certain subject I am making content about, just run through the MINI-CHANNEL (playlist), as they start to grow.

If you in SHEFFIELD I DJ at the DOVE AND RAINBOW friday nights from 8pm, not with vinyl I regret to say, but the best in classic and new rock and metal all in lossless audio, none of your squashy mp3’s here! One quite lovely Sheffield PUB I want to mention is the COBDEN VIEW in the Walkley area of Sheffield, a proper trad local
and the sort of pub that is rapidly vanishing from the UK: Friendly staff and lovely atmosphere, laid back and cool, check it out if you in SHEFFIELD and tell them VINYLKATS sent you!


January 25th: So many ideas they are falling out of my head. So many ideas for different ‘mini channels’ on my channel, each one on a different artist collection project. I have yet to finish my BEATLES collection, and the TD collection is well underway now. Some eBay purchases over the last 3 days waiting to arrive, and I think an update video on that mini-channel tomorrow. The sun is shining in Sheffield, but it’s not very warm yet, roll on the merry days of Spring. Just discovered the website DISCOGS, it’s a very good place to buy records, although not always as cheap as bidding on eBay, but a useful tool. Bought two albums on there yesterday so will see what the service is like. Its good for looking at what albums by TD were released on Vinyl too……

Still working on growing my Channel, I really want to get it to monetization by early Summer, but possibly even before then? Picking up subscribers slowly, and views are slowly increasing, but as of today I still only have about 2,500 video views, so another 7,500 to go to get to the ‘next level’ on YouTube and bring in Google Adsense. I have other channels I have made money on, but I want this to be the BIG one.

If you following my blog please feel free to comment and share! Now completely got the hang of WordPress continuity yet but it is what it is. It’s kind of great doing this, as it mirrors or parallels rather my actual handwritten JOURNALS I have been keeping since 1979. I have never understood why everyone on the planet doesn’t keep one!

Really enjoying making videos using post production tools. I use free software called VIDEOPAD, and it does the job just fine.

January 26th 2018 Friday: WOOOOOOO, DJing tonight at ye Dove and Rainbow, and making more video there tonight. The weather is SUNNY for the first time in ages, but not very warm. Just completing the edit for another Vinylkats video, a retro chart countdown taken from my singles archive, this day back in 1980.