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Welcome to Vinylkats online blog

Welcome to the online blog and journal for Vinylkats on my own web domain. A few teething problems getting WordPress to work properly but getting there. This takes over from my previous blog which was a WordPress hosted account, but decided to move it onto my own domain to keep it all neat and tidy. FACEBOOK

I was going to copy over aall the text from my original WordPress,  here is an edited highlight version of last two days….

Well, here goes, kicking off the associated WordPress blog and journal as part of my You tube channel, VINYL KATS. Please check out my channel and SUBSCRIBE to it for news of all the latest video uploads. I will be doing a lot of videos throughout the year, on all manner of subjects connected to my channel. I just filmed myself writing this, it’s definitely going to be fun all round!!!

VINYL KATS is NOT just about collecting vinyl records, it’s also an online blog and journal set in the city of Sheffield, in the heart of South Yorkshire,England. I am fortunate enough to live on the edge of the Derbyshire Peak district, and am surrounded by beautiful countryside and nature. Far beats City living…..that is NOT for me! I have to live in the Country. Anyway, you will get to see MUCH of my local environment, not just when I am out buying vinyl records, but when I take any little trip out into the peaks, or indeed into the City centre.

I started the VINYL KATS channel on You Tube last year, but only now have I decided to really develop it and push it towards a complete online blog as well as a depository of videos. New channels take a while to get established, but I am giving it my best shot. Currently there are around 15 videos I think, but planning to upload several each week, some of which will be regular features such as STACKED 45’s (see the channel for what I mean), and UPDATES to record collecting, plus possibly an ALBUM OF THE WEEK, CHART ARCHIVES of number ones from this day in history, etc.

Tangerine Dream make for good background music to write blogs. I really must collect ALL their vinyl albums ASAP…..some way to go yet, they are a a band who have released around 150 albums, although the bulk of them were on CD only in later years. Still, its a challenge to get all the earlier stuff……crazy music I love

Working tonight at the Dove and Rainbow, DJing as usual. I do Friday nights and its a mix of old and new rock and metal. I only play CD quality music from FLAC files, unfortunately there is no room for turntables in the DJ box. But I am planning a vinyl night at some stage. The Dove and Rainbow is a rock and real ale pub in Sheffield. Been working here for years, amongst many other venues in the city to numerous to mention. Friday nights is typically mainstream rock and metal, although depends on requests. I use software called Radioboss, which plays FLAC files really well and has a good mixing system for me. Got a birthday party in tonight (2040), although a tad quiet following Xmas and NY….always quieter in January.

An excellant night Dj’ing at the Dove and Rainbow last night, a great selection of tunes .Metallica to Ratt, RATM to Bon Jovi, Korn to G+R, Slayer to Slade, Seether, Hellyeah, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson, Judas Priest, Slipknot, ZZ Top,Living Colour, Motorhead, all good music. if you live in Sheffield and you like your ROCK, the Dove is certainly THE place to be!!

Fresh full of Coffee I am setting up a web domain for Vinylkats, its as well to get one linked up I think. Using FASTHOSTS I created Vinylkats, although it wont be up and running and cross linked to everything else for a week or so yet. So much to do to get this blog and associated web areas all full of content and running smoothly. Anyway, good morning world, and while I enjoy Tangerine Dream on vinyl, a few ideas for the YouTube channel. The sheer amount of work to do to get all this set-up and running is quite staggering. I have a very crowded Google Chrome browser littered with tabs, but once all running properly it can be simplified. Praise ye Lord for coffee! Had quite a few ideas for video making already, location based video content at Sheffield Record Fairs and record stores, there a quite a few fairs each year plus a fair number of independent vinyl stores as well. Just checking out online what is there, such as Broomhills’ Record Collector which has been there since the late 1970’s. Plenty of others to check out though, so watch my Channel for location video when I browse these stores in the future. COFFEE……………………..

There will be links to all my video updates you can view direct from this website, but please subscribe to my YouTube channel as so much content is up and coming, plus I really want to grow the channel! Once I get enough hits on it I think I can SIMPLIFY the URL!!!!!!!!!

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