Sunday 7th January update

Well, this version of the blog is now LIVE! Welcome to the online blog for VINYLKATS, associated with the YouTube channel of the same name.It’s a Sunday morning and 1 degree outside, a COLD morning!

Having a quiet day today, planning next lot of videos for the channel. More STACKED 45’s, which basically is where I take a pile of old vinyl singles from the 60’s and 70’s and STACK them up on an old autochanger, to create the 1960’s version of a Spotify playlist!! Its very unpredictable, here is the first attempt!!

So STACKED 45’s is a regular feature, as will be ALBUM OF THE WEEK, and CHART ARCHIVES, pulling out all those number ones from this day every year going right back in time, etc. trying to find a way of including more of the actual music without getting YouTube copyright issues…..have to keep working on that! Also regular updates on the channel about actually COLLECTING and archiving vinyl records….here is a typical update video..

Plenty of those on the channel to check out……PLUS also going to be out and about making videos at other venues and retail outlets, and more general out and about stuff, ie car boot sales, and as an online blog and journal it could go ANYWHERE!!!!!! Planning to do some videos at all the Sheffield record stores, any venues hosting VINYL nights, etc. So much to do……Anyway, please subscribe ETC to everything because the more the merrier!