IMonday 8th January

The York Broomhill

Went to Broomhill last night for a couple of real ales, lovely ale here

What a cold morning here in Sheffield! Was wanting to rummage around some charity shops for cheap records but it’s just a bit TOO cold this morning, so far anyway. Starting work on collecting all the TANGERINE DREAM albums on vinyl, only got about 4 at present, so a HUGE task ahead. But well worth the time and trouble. Got a whole heap of bids running on eBay for various TD LP’s, inc Cyclone, Ricochet, White Eagle, Thief, and plenty of other titles currently on the sub £3 price. eBay is sometimes fantasic for bargains if you are quick enough.

I guess Tangerine Dream are my favourite band of all time. I first discovered them on vinyl back in 1980 with Force Majeure and Tangram albums, and have been addicted ever since to these electronic gems. Last one I purchased was a copy of Tangram for £1 at a car boot sale, but generally these albums tend to be premium priced. I like to source records as cheaply as I possibly can, one of the reasons I set up VINYL KATS was to demonstrate where and how to find cheap records, and not pay those massive inflated dealer prices you see these days since the ressurgence of vinyl. There are still MANY bargains out there if you want to establish a record archive like me.

Actually, despite the cold, I may well venture out to some charity shops shortly and have a quick rummage for some interesting vinyl bargains in Broomhill. Sometimes you find pure nuggets for only £1 or so, on a good day. On a BAD day, you can only find annoying Roy Orbison albums for £4 each, not a great deal, unless its a very rare original release, which is generally not the case. It’s funny how certain areas in Sheffield seem to have different artists dominating the local charity shops in such areas: Roy Orbison dominates Broomhill record crates, while in Crookes, less than a mile away, 70’s glam rock bands like Mud and Sweet rule the record crates! I will have to make a video all about this curious phenomenon….

Vinylkats on Youtube has about 1200 video views now, still a long way to go to grow it to 10,000 so I can monetize the content. But the views are going up as I add new videos of course. I will have to keep on adding video upon video, which is what a decent channel should be doing anyway of course.