January 9th 2018 >>>>>

Starting the day with the essential coffee update, preceded by an equally essential bacon sandwich. Rainy and dull day. Listened to Tangerine Dream at home as I start my mission to get ALL their vinyl. Just won. Just won RICOCHET on eBay but probably more than I really wanted to pay for that LP.

Bidding on many more at present at low prices, see how lucky I get. Made a video today for the channel, and a slight blooper..

After I get all Tangerine Dream, what will my next project be? I aim to get complete discographies of my favourite bands, and OMG I like a lot of music! Let’s finish up TD first though. I need to research how many albums are actually on vinyl….

Wednesday morning went out into Derbyshire for a drive around Derwent. A beautiful location, and want to do a lot of filming here this year. Bluebell my 1997 Daihatsu Sportrak is my set of wheels, and has been since 2013.

Ooh Tangerine Dream, Vinylkats current project, the prices are fair at the moment but can often get shocked sometimes by last minute vinyl collectors!!

Onto Thursday 11th and off on a cratedigging trip, checking out the offerings in charity (Thrift shops if you USA), and looking for those cheap bargains I dont already have in my archives! Should be cool. My first crate diggers video as well will be filmed today….

And so onto Friday night…..if you in the SHEFFIELD area, catch me LIVE from 8pm, not playing vinyl regrettably, as no space for decks in the DJ box, but playing full LOSSLESS audio. Tonight at Dove and Rainbow it’s me on the virtual decks playing the best in rock and metal, featuring the latest in the American rock chart, the finest of those modern rock + metal gems, all blended with those classic anthems from the past… It’s all systems go from 8pm, all music ‘lossless’ audio, and your whole rock ‘N’ roll weekend starts here! See you down at the Dove and Rainbow..’Long live rock and roll’

Another video added, and plenty more to come this week.

Monday 15 th

Well some Tangerine Dream has arrived via eBay, two great albums RICOCHET and Rubycon, the two R’s. Plenty more to get of course. Just bought a new mobile phone on the bay too, a classic slider from Sony Ericsson the w705 in silver. I just love old technology as you can appreciate. You can’t beat a simple small slider with physical buttons. I can’t wait to get it delivered later this week.

Today its rainy and dull again but may go for a crate digging session if the rain pulls back. I really want to get some great albums this year to fatten out my archive even more. 

I have become a prolific coffee drinker. It’s supposed to be good for you so they say these days. Starbucks and Costa, I just can’t keep away. I really need to stick to a coffee budget!! 

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