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Well we have had mini heatwave in Sheffield through May, it’s been lovely and refreshing. Everything is at last summery and green

Been reviewing carefully what to do with this channel as I have so many ideas, from record collecting, music streaming, classic cars, local videos and reviews etc. It’s hard to find a format that fits all so everything will be ongoing and see how the garden grows I guess.

More videos will follow as I get back into my stride. Plus tarot cards, I offer a full professional tarot reading service that is second to none. Facebook page to follow soon, plus section within my expanding you tube channel. So much to do, so much to write

Been walking at forge dam and whiteley woods one of my favourite places since I was 14. Busy on hot days but ultimately solitude is a few minutes walk away

So I am offering tarot readings, message me if interested as I been reading the immortal cards since I was 17, and I can help with any problems at reasonable rates. All done online or personal consultations by arrangement.

Last night at The York in Broomhill, this is a fine ale if you enjoy pale ale. My favourite pub in broomhill by miles, and not just because I used to co-own it, it’s got atmosphere all throughout.

Check out one of my films, I have made many over the years

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