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Snowed up again

Not impressed. The snow is back with a vengeance. Ruined the weekend

Well, beast from the east came back!! Mountains of snow during Saturday night and the Arctic blast destroyed the weekend. Unable to get home even in a 4×4 on Sunday. It’s now Monday the 18th and worst of it appears to be over, but tons of snow still around.

The official spring is on the way, warming up over the next few days slowly. Still sub zero today, cold and fed up with this weather blitz. Hopefully I can actually get home this morning however or as close as I can and walk. Oh wow, for the hot sunny beach and a towel on the sand!

And the snow came back yet again!!!! April 2nd, and the foul wet stuff falls, but surely the last snow of 2018 now. Come on I want some nice warm weather please

And finally…. Spring…

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