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MARCH 2018…..The last bite of Winter

Finally, after months of foul weather, the end is in sight! We are having more snowfall this weekend and freezing temperatures, but from Monday it looks to head rapidly into Spring, and not a moment too soon! I really want to be out doing videos for my channel, crate digging, record shop hunting, exploring, car restoration, and many many things to build up the Vinyl Kats YouTube channel. The snow has killed most of the year so far, so being able to get out and about and not wear ten layers of clothing will be wonderful. It’s currently Friday 16th March, and tonight at DJing as usual at the DOVE AND RAINBOW in Sheffield. If you happen to be be in the area drop in and chat to me in the DJ box, I play the best of the new rock chart and loads of classic stuff as well so a real mixed bag of goodies.

Currently also looking for more DJ work in the area, so I may be popping up in other venues TBA, but dont expect rock and metal anywhere else, my tastes go FAR BEYOND that. Working on some more ideas so updates soon as we head into the welcome Spring sunshine (hopefully). Re DOVE, going to be doing LIVE YouTube stuff too, and definitely looking ahead to covering TRAMLINES in Sheffield this year, with a few LIVE broadcasts of some of the best local bands. All this you will find on my channel on Youtube of course as and when it happens.

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