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22ND February 2018….Vinylkats update blog

Good morning! After three weeks considering the new YouTube rules re monetization of small channels, I nearly gave up on this! However, I decided that it is best to continue, in the best tradition of art…for arts sake!!

I need to get to 240K minutes of channel viewing per 12 month period in order to make any money, plus 1000 subscribers, but I am sure I can actually get there…eventually anyway! It will be a long haul to the top. The old system of just getting 10k hits and then making money has gone, as I was set to make money from May this year under those rules. Youtube changed the whole ball game, and the new thresholds are far far higher. But, it DOES mean that instead of just dragging in a few pounds a week under the old rules, when I do start to make money under the new rules, the amounts will be much, much higher, and so actually worth waiting for! So its kind of a double edged sword with the new thresholds in many ways.

So just uploading a new video to my channel today, and then just letting it grow and progress during the rest of the year, hopefully getting to the new thresholds by 2019 and making some cash! It will be a long haul to the top, but its a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll, right? Yes indeed it is

Listening to the mighty Tangerine Dream as I work on my PC, editing video takes an age on this machine. Nearly the weekend yet again, and if you in Sheffield get to the DOVE AND RAINBOW from 8pm if you love rock and metal, old and new, as I hit the virtual decks with the best blend of rock and metal you will find in SHEFFIELD!!! Plus, filming a video update this Friday night, so you may well get yourselves on YouTube!! Come on down, the more the merrier….

Friday, 23rd Feb. Well, the winter continues to bite hard in the UK. An Arctic blast of snow and freezing temperatures are set to hit the UK again and last well into March. The winter just will not let go at all this year. I am so fed up with snow and cold and frost and having to de-ice Bluebell. Take me to a tropical island and I will be a happy Kat.

Was planning a quick video today but spent so long unfreezing my jeep earlier and running out of de-icer there is now no time. I really hope the expected snowstorms and blizzards do not arrive here, in Sheffield anyway. So so depressing this weather.

Anyway I feel I have made the right decision to continue with Vinylkats, and its so much FUN as well, and once the warm weather arrives I will doing more videos than you can shake a 12″ single at!!!!

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